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Welcome to the sales page!
Do you want a web site?
Do you need a Corporate Internet Presence?
Do you want a fast server for a low monthly rate?
Get a MAINCOMPUTER Website, and all this and more can be yours!
Our website Designs are priced in levels, based on features.
Just scroll down and choose the level for you, and customize as needed!



Maincomputer also offers Internet access using High-speed DSL circuits!

Please inquire if interested by sending us an email:

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Website Design Levels Costs Descriptions
Basic Personal Site $50 2-3 basic pages, graphic or logo, basic counter, and custom design, 1 mb storage
Complete Personal Site $100 3-5 in-depth pages, counter, graphic or logo, background. 5 mb storage
Basic Small Office Site $200 Basic site theme, background, pre-made logo, up to 5 pages, counter, basic promotion, navigation bar, 10 mb storage, 1 E-Mail alias
Complete Small Office Site $550 Full Site Theme, Full Promotion to over 500 search engines, Up to 10 pages, Password Protected Areas, Counter, Limited Java Script, Graphics, Feedback Form, Navigation Bar, On-Line Ordering, Midi Sound, 15 MB Storage, 5 E-Mail Aliases
Basic Corporate Site $350 Background, Basic Promotion, Up to 5 pages, Navigation Bar, Pre-Made Logo, Counter, Password Protected Areas, Feedback Forms, On-Line Ordering, 10 MB Storage, 5 E-Mail Aliases
Complete Corporate Site $700 Full Site Theme, Animation, Full Promotion, Navigation Bar, Frames, Custom Logo, Counters, Password Protected Areas, Feedback Forms, On-Line Ordering (Secure SSL3), Marquee, Midi Sound, 15 MB Storage, 10 E-Mail Aliases
Extra Services   Description and cost, based on one time or setup / monthly cost
E-Mail Alias $10 One Time Fee
E-Mail Account   $15 Setup / $5 Monthly
Real Audio/Video (Not Live)   $30 Setup / $80 Monthly
Real-Time LIVE Audio /Video   $300 Setup / $150 Monthly
FTP Only Site   $30 Setup / $20 Monthly
Submission to 500+ Search Engines $50 One Time Fee, For Each Submission Request
Extra 5 MB Storage $5 Monthly
Extra Web Pages $25 Each, One Time Fee
Updates To Pages   $20-$50 Per Page, based on extent of update
Monthly Hosting $50 <--This is the website hosting charge, except for Real Audio/Video websites.

Click on the E-Mail link at to send an e-mail to request a quote!

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