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Welcome to Sugar's Homepage

Also known as Sugar's litter box

Here you'll find all the poop on Florida Panthers

Hi, my name is Sugar Cinnamon, but you can call me Booie.

This my very own website! Karen, my owner, is very good to me.

She gave me information on Florida Panthers, so I can tell all my

kitty and human friends about my "Big Cousins". You can also

get to learn a little about me in my "Mini Unpublished Biography".

You can see what a panther looks like with Panther Pictures,

and there are Pictures of Me too! To find out where I got my information,

go to Related Links. Please, Tell your friends (Furry and Human) about this site!

There are only 30 to 50 of these beautiful cats left, in the entire world! The Mountain Lion is a different type of cat, which means the Florida Panter is a very rare and special species. Don't let these cats be lost forever!

I hope you learn a lot. Enjoy!

My E-Mail is: sugar@maincomputer.com Please let me know if this site inspired you to help the Panther in your own community.  

This website is hosted by the MainComputer!

This Amazing Cougar Ring site owned by Karen.

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