Here you can scoop out info on me!

Name: Sugar Cinnamon

Age: 4 1/2

Birthday: 6-22-93

Breed: American Red Tabby


Meats: Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, and Chicken

Fish: Tuna and Salmon

Drinks: Milk, and Water in a glass

Toy: Feathers tied together with string; it looks like a bird flying in the air

Hobbies: Being read to from cat storybooks, taking long walks outside, and sleeping the rest of the time. I like to fall asleep to Brahm's Lullaby, played on the violin by my owner.

Interesting Facts: I like surfing the net with the mouse and I like to be massaged by my personal masseuse. After a long day of playing outside and guarding (checking to see if my eyelids have light leaks) I get pretty tense.

I have my own toy box and I take out the toys I want to play with all by myself. I like sitting outside, under a huge cedar tree, in the dirt and leaves. I use the next door neighbor's garden as a personal litter box.

I live with 9 brothers and sisters. Their names are: Stormy 9, Tabby 3, Sunny and Shadow 2 1/2, Brownie, Buttercup, Silver, and Victoria 2, and Alleygator 1 1/2.

Nicknames: Sugey, Booie, Babyboo, Shmoopie, Shmoopie boo, Shmoops-a-lot, Sugey Woogums, etc.