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These pictures are too big to show all at once, so I used thumbnails.
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This is Victoria (a.k.a Vicki).

This is Vicki on the left, with Brownie sitting next to her.

This is Buttercup who didn't want her picture taken.

This is one of our feral (wild) cats, Shadow, who is content in HER teepee.

This is Silver, the brother of Brownie, Vicki, and Buttercup.  Their birthdays are on April 20, 1996.

Hi Sunny (Bunny boo)!!!   He's Shadow's brother.  They are each 3 years old. (in 1998)
He's another of the feral (wild) cats, and the third is Tabby, Sunny's mom.

ROAR!!!! This is my older brother, Stormy. He's 9 (in 1998).
When I was a kitten, Stormy would share my kitten chow. (That's why he's 20 lbs.)
Right now he's on an exercise program, i.e.
Walk to the food, walk to take a nap, walk to the litter, walk to the food.
He likes this picture because it makes him look thin.

This is Tabby, the mother of Sunny, Shadow,
Silver, Brownie, Buttercup, and Vicki.

As the Queen of my house, ruling everything is hard to do,
so Tabby sleeps 23 1/2 hours a day to keep up the good work.
(a.k.a. emptying the food dishes, and filling the sand box. It's a hard job but somebody has to do it.)

                      And finally the moment you all have been waiting for....................

           PICTURES OF ME : SUGAR!!!!!!!!!!


I love eating grass.

My "owner" likes to play dress up with me.

An angel taking a nap

This is my brother alley-gator.  He was born
in an alley, and he bites like a gator.  (He has a major
attitude problem sometimes)  He's visiting Seattle, Wa. right
now, but when he comes home for christmas, I'll take a picture of his face.


I love to collect beanie babies.

Nip is my favorite beanie, but I really like Cypress the beanie panther.

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